Expansion of Immigration Facilities in Australia!

Immigration facilities are being considered to be expanded by the Australian government. This is being brought about to cater to the continuous increase in the number of asylum seekers who are being detained throughout.

Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia did not exactly deny the expansion or introducing new sites between all the detention networks in Australia which is overcrowded. He said that he is looking into onshore detention issue. More so, what the needs of the nation would be like and the demands involved.

As of now, there are about five thousand people in Australia who are maritime arrivals. Most of these people are asylum seekers. These also include the 2149 people on the mainland and another 2596 detained at the Christmas Island.

This news has come about after it was announced by the government that in Queensland, the Scherger Air Force Base would be used to cater to another three hundred asylum seekers. This would be a part of the response to urgent needs.

With this, it is also being planned for an addition of six hundred beds in Western Australia at the remote Curtin Air Force Base. This would greatly enhance the capacity of the centers increasing it to one thousand two hundred. With this, the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation would also be put to additional use.

At same time, the Minister rejected claims that these expansion plans are being brought about since the detention system was not able to cater to the current demand. However, he maintained that it is important to increase the current numbers which would reduce the stress.

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