UKBA and IBM into New Immigration Biometrics Deal!

The UK Borders Agency and IBM have entered into new immigration biometrics contract. As per the 7-year-deal, IBM will start working to develop the nation’s Immigration and Asylum Biometric System. The system will be instrumental in accelerating various immigration processes like checks on biometric visas, biometric residence permits and registration cards for refuge seekers. It is a deal that worth 191 million Euro.

According to the British Immigration Minister, Damian Green, the Immigration Biometric System will play a vital role in keeping an eye on foreigners entering the United Kingdom. The system will especially be instrumental in identifying those outsiders who are likely to be threat to the nation. The UK immigration department has come up with the Immigration Biometric System deal with IBM as the National ID Card Program no longer exists in the UK. The ID Card Program has been discarded in the nation, following the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats entered into new coalition in the month of May, 2010. The parties in power, reportedly, opposed the program during campaigns prior to the elections.

Being a part of the National Identity Assurance Service of the UK Border Agency, the new Immigration Biometric System will make the agency watchful regarding the international individuals with a criminal background, thereby making the life of the UK citizens safe and secured!

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