UK To Launch Points Based Immigration System for Highest Talented Workers

Recently UK’s British Indian home secretary Priti Patel has launched a points-based immigration system that aims at targeting the best and the brightest most talented and skilled workers be it Scientists, Engineers, academics and other highly-Skilled and qualified workers from all over the world.

Aimed to commence from January 1, 2021 this new points-based immigration would help the budding students and skilled professionals hailing from the field of science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) help secure their permanent residence via UK immigration.

This new points-based immigration system of UK will be in accordance with that Australia, Canada and New Zealand that works on granting points based on the factors of specific skills, professions, salaries, qualifications and age profiles for highly skilled professionals who want to migrate to UK as permanent residents.

Here is how UK points-based immigration system will work:

• 10 points will be allocated if an individual applying for UK immigration from India speaks competent and proficient English. (mandatory)
• 20 points will be granted if a migrant has a job, offer for a job or a sponsorship (mandatory)
• 20 points will be awarded if the job possesses a proper level of skills (mandatory)
• 10 points will be granted to an applicant if their salary falls in the income bracket of £23,040 and £25,599.
• 0 points will be granted to an applicant if their salary falls in the income bracket of £20,480 to £23,039
• 20 points will be awarded if the salary for the mentioned job is above £25,600
• 20 points will be allocated to a UK immigration visa applicant who has their job present on the shortage occupation list.
• 10 points will be granted to a UK visa applicant holding a PhD degree
• Another 20 points can be gained if the prospective applicant has their PhD degree in the fields of science, technology, math’s or engineering

Highly skilled workers can migrate to the UK without a job or job offer provided they are endorsed by a ‘relevant and competent body’, as per the new rules. For this, the Migration Advisory Committee have slashed down from RQF6 (Bachelors) to RQF3 (Level A). Higher education diploma.

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