UK Likely to Deport a Dozen Child Asylum Seekers per Month to Afghanistan!

Britain is going to send back a dozen of failed Afghan young refuge seekers each month to Afghanistan. Well, this is part of the country’s immigration services’ plan to lower the number of lone overseas children. Reportedly, the UK has set up a new reintegration facility in Afghanistan, which will house the deported children. The facility is located in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Each month a dozen of failed refuge seekers, aged between sixteen to seventeen will be deported to Kabul.

The accommodation center in Kabul will house deported children till the age of eighteen. Along with providing accommodation to these young children, the facility will provide adult supervision, as well as reunification support for one-twenty adults every month. The facility in Kabul has cost the United Kingdom government a huge sum of £4 million.

According to UK’s official figures, Britain has over four thousand unattended young children who have claimed asylum status. Shelters provided by social entities have been homes to most of these children. A majority of the young asylum seekers are Afghans. Reportedly, child asylum seekers from Afghanistan made up almost half of the total four hundred asylum claims recorded until the third month of 2010.

The UK government ensures that the child asylum seekers are only deported back to their original countries, if they are assured with adequate care on their return. Following the steps of Britain, other European countries are considering similar plans to deport such young children to Afghanistan, who have failed in their asylum claims to Afghanistan.

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