Reasons for Canadian Deportation!

Canadian Deportation is the term given to the removal of overseas people who enter the country on an illegal basis. These are those undocumented people who go on to commit some serious breaching of the Canadian rules and regulations. If a foreign applicant faces deportation, he is restricted from entering Canada again in the coming days unless the person goes on to get ministerial consent.

A person may face deportation charges for plenty of reasons. The most common of them all is entering in fake manners, showing fraud documentation, presenting false marital status to stay in the country for the purpose of immigration, to name a few.

The most common reason for deportation is committing criminal acts, even if the acts are minor ones. In addition, a person having a history of criminal records may face deportation on the grounds of holding connections with known criminals. He may be regarded as the threat to the country’s existence, hence allowing the Canadian authorities to deport him to his native country.

In some cases, if the person tends to overstay in the country, knowing the fact that his visa has expires, Canadian authorities might order his deportation, if he fails to fulfill the future requirements linked with the renewal process.

Overseas citizen found using false passport is highly prone to face deportation by the Canadian authorities. This is one of the biggest reasons of breaching Canadian laws.

To some it all, deportation can be ordered if

  • If the person has been convicted of certain criminal offenses before landing in the country.
  • If he/she fails to fulfill the mandatory requirements linked with landing the country.
  • Is convicted of a criminal activity which leads him to be imprisoned for more than six months or a sentence of more than ten years.
  • Produced false documents to prove his immigration status.

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