Increasing Visa Applications Causing Delay in Processing!

The report came from the UK Border Agency office in India that more and more people are intending to visit the United Kingdom, and as a result of which the visa processing process has been getting slow, significantly. The agency is receiving large number of visa applications from Indians of late. When there is huge number of applications, the processing process is ought to be slow.

According to many reports, Indians who have filed for UK visas are required to wait for up to 70 days to get their visas. The delays in visa processing made many people to postpone their visit to the UK. The situation is mainly caused by the increased number of petitions for visitor visa.

However, the officials of the UK immigration services said that they have been trying their level best to make the process quick. According to the agency, they have seen an increase of applications of 20 percent in the visitor visa category this year over the last year. And this part of the year happens to be peak season for the type of visa.

However, people who have visited the UK within the last year, they can obtain their visitor visa in just one week. As for the people who have been planning to visit the United Kingdom (unlike the ones who have already visited the previous year), they are recommended to apply for their UK visitor visa a minimum of five to ten weeks prior to their UK visit.

It is always recommended to keep everything ready in advance to make sure your travel plan becomes a success. As far as overseas trips are concerned, visa obtaining process being the most daunting one, it is advised to seek the help of a professional Immigration and Visa consultant in proper time!

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