Western Australia May Face Skills Shortage!

According to the prediction of Western Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the state may face major skill shortages in coming times. The chamber forecast that Western Australia will require about 500,000 skilled workers in the coming 10 years. This makes the chamber to predict that the huge number of required workers will cause labor shortages in the state.

On the basis of available figures, as well as the current trend of population growth the chamber makes it a point that Western Australia will face a shortage of over 200,000 workers. According to the chamber chief, the employers of the state have already been facing two of the biggest problems, one being the labor shortages and other is wage pressures. However, among the two, labor shortages are more intense.

Keeping all these in mind, the Australian immigration minister said that his department is looking for possible changes to the country’s migration program. The changes will be instrumental in delivering to the needs of the Australian employers in terms of skills. The migration program would be more of an employer-driven, where the country will hire skills they need.

Australia’s step to bring changes to the migration program would help its employers to cater to their needs. However, the scheme will ensure that the employers just hire the skills that they need at the time.

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