UK: The Number One Immigration Destination

United Kingdom (UK) still holds the Number One Immigration Destination amongst all dream overseas destinations. A large number of people move to this developed country to make their dreams come true. The place is well-known for its highly organized transport system and strict laws which make it a world class city and worth migration. Besides, it holds so many world renowned monuments which are the part of their culture. The monuments are well maintained by the government. The money charged as entry ticket is spent on its maintenance.

The nation’s financial policy is another factor which makes it stand at the Number One position amongst all other destinations. People living in poor countries can successfully increase their income and save their family. A handsome earning can bring security to the migrant and his family. No wonder, the strong currency of UK acts like a magnet in pulling the aspiring migrants to its soils, from across the globe. The monetary value of their currency (pound) increases in some of the countries. In short, they get more money in their country, in exchange of pound. That constitutes one of the major reasons of immigration.

Demand of international migrant in the skilled sector drives migrant to move to England. Demand and supply is the need of the modern economy of the UK. The dynamic, hardworking and honest workers are welcomed with open arms in the ‘Land of Queen Elizabeth’.

All the people are provided with better housing facilities. Houses are well equipped with all the basic amenities and luxuries needed for living a comfortable life are offered. Besides, people from every gender are treated equally, with extra care for mothers and old age people. They stand ahead of the queue. They are well looked after by the government. Special programmes are held for the old age people, so that they can enjoy their life to its fullest extent. This security and surety makes UK attain the Number One position.

Another significant factor which makes UK the Number One Immigration Destination is its amazing health facilities. A certain amount of earning are deducted from all the people’s income only to be shared for the welfare of the senior citizens residing there. They are provided with the best of medical and health benefits. They get a certain fixed amount of money weekly which they spend on their livelihood. All the necessary equipments needed by the old people or patients are supplied by the government, at no extra cost of money. They look after all the amenities of its residents. If there is a need, an old person is provided with a helper to look after his needs at no extra cost.

Strict laws and government policies smash down the chances of theft, robbery and accidents. A culprit is not excused in any case. He will pay for all the wrong done by him. So that’s the advantage of being a part of Great Britain that it gives you protection from all the mishappenings from mankind and nature.

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