Understanding the “completeness” of Non-Express Entry Applications at Centralized Intake Office

Understanding the “completeness” of Non-Express Entry Applications at Centralized Intake Office

Many offices that accept these applications run a check for completeness, which would comprise all mandatory forms, fees, information, and supporting documents, to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) situated in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The completeness is checked following the document checklist requirements during the time the CIO receives the application

If the application is meeting all the requirements as per section 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR), the CIO shall take the following measures:

  • Puts the application information in the Global Case Management System (GCMS)
  • Recuperates the processing fee
  • Gives an acknowledgment of receipt to the candidate

If the application is incomplete, the CIO is bound to return the incomplete application package and the fees to the candidate and records the actions in GCMS.

Provincial nominee class

Based on an encrypted monthly nomination spreadsheet containing all the details of all the nominations the province or territory has issued each month, send to the CIO by a responsible provincial or territorial government authority. The nomination is considered valid only if the candidate submits a complete application for permanent residence on or before the date of expiry of the nomination.

An Extension of nomination will not be needed for nominations that expire while an application is being processed. Suppose a nominated applicant does not apply for permanent residence before the expiry of their nomination. In that case, the province or territory may issue an extension to permit the nominee extra time to submit their application. These Provinces and territories notify IRCC of all extensions via the monthly nomination spreadsheet.

For this, the nominees are issued a nomination approval letter by the nominating province or territory, and the letter should comprise in their application for Canada permanent residence. Also, the applicants will need to submit a copy of their nomination approval letter if they apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment-exempt work permit for a job offer under the nominating province or territory or if they apply for a bridging open work permit.

Provincial Nominee Streams

Every province has its criteria and nomination streams and programs. The following list gives the GCMS categories for the several provincial and territorial programs or streams:

  • Worker – Job offer
  • Worker – No job offer
  • Business
  • Family support
  • Students
  • Community support

Lock-in date for the age of dependent children of provincial nominees

The lock-in date for the age of a dependent child is when the applicable provincial or territorial authority gets a complete application for a provincial or territorial nomination from the principal applicant.

Minimum language standards and compulsory testing for provincial nominees in National Occupational Classification skill levels C and D

Candidates should attach a copy of their language test results along with the permanent residence application.

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