US Immigration And Customs Agent Awarded!

In a recent news, a US immigration and customs agent has been awarded a heavy reward of $2.2 million in damage, courtesy an incident in which the agent was abused by police officials in San Diego.

The award has been granted by a jury in the US confirmed that used extreme force against Mr. Lopez while he was involved in his surveillance operation in October 2006.

The US immigration confirmed that the crime was brutal. The police officials stuck a gun to the chest of the victim, bending his arm and applying excessive force while pressing his skull against the floor.

On the contrary, the officials of Chula Vista (Chula Vista law enforcement) are expressing their disappointment on the charges incurred upon them. The counter claim which they have made against Mr. Lopez elaborates that the later was uncooperative and verbally aggressive.

A spokesman said that the officers acted in an appropriate manner. They have not done anything wrong with the victim, courtesy which he has been awarded $2.2 million in damage! He further said that the officials acted in an apt manner within the regulations of the department under apprehensive and alarming circumstances.

The verdict has provided relief to Mr. Lopez but has surely created restlessness amongst the officials of Chula Vista law enforcement, who believe that their behavior was apt enough in the suspicious circumstances.

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