Vancouver Police Nabs Immigration Fraud

Jason Kenney, the Minister for Citizenship and Immigration showed his gratitude towards the police of Vancouver and the prosecutors of the British Columbia. This was for their efforts in convicting a fraud who portrayed as an immigration consultant.

He also said that such acts which involves innocent people being targeted, especially when they are hopeful of seeking better opportunities for themselves. And so, due actions would be taken against those involved.

The Vancouver Police conducted an investigation into the same which led to the conviction of Fereydoun Hadad. He has been sentenced for a year of imprisonment by the provincial court. He was caught cheating a man from Iran for over $49,000 who was trying to immigrate to Canada. Hadad used fake documents as being a genuine one.

Hadad persuaded the applicant to even open a Canadian bank account proving it to be mandatory if the applicant wanted to apply under the investor category. Post helping him opening the account, he forged the applicant’s signature to take all the money from his bank account. He pleaded guilty in the court. Post imprisonment, there would a year of probation term as well for him.

According to Kenney, prevalence of fraudulent consultants is a major problem which needs the government to work effectively at all levels. Nabbing such a fraud is a message for all those involved in such unscrupulous activities to stop or be punished. He also repeated and emphasized on his previous statement regarding more measures being taken to have a better control over consultants. Steps would be taken to oversee the functioning of these consultants and would be under constant scrutiny. This is to ensure that no fraudulent practices are in action.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada already has regulation in place regarding who can represent an applicant. Those planning to hire the services of a consultant must ensure to check that he meets the definition of being an authorized representative.

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