CIC Provides Access to Key Data

Jason Kenney, the Canadian Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism announced that the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) would update its website quarterly with statistics that have been most asked for.

As per the Minister, this is an initiative towards being transparent as a functioning government. The data and information that is most requested should be easily available on the right occasion and time. This would mean access to free data for those who are in need of it at all times. So, people no longer have to make an Access to Information request which would in turn save a lot of time.

The updated data would cater to all the recent and current information regarding the process for immigration and citizenship. For example, information such as the number of applications that have been processed under the economic class and the family class and so on. The data posted would also include all the operational data such as statistics on citizenship, application processing timelines etc.

Additionally, a free CD is also being made accessible for the public which would contain all the statistical information in detail. This way the information would be readily available to the local Canadian citizens without any hassles.

Having stringent norms in place when it comes to its immigration process, the CIC is very active on issues where it matters.

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