Visa Agents Warn Australian Government against Fiddling With Visa Categories & Shrinking the Number

The proposed plans of the in-office Australian Government, to drastically cut down the number of the visa classes up-for-grabs to, allegedly, make the nation’s visa system leaner and fitter has not gone down well with numerous immigration agents and critics in the country, or so it seems if we go by this news report on the subject.

Such people have heavily censured the plan and warned that such a move would not only negatively affect the success rate, for the candidates keen to move to the country, but also do not do any justice to the image of the nation, as a wonderful place in the world that welcomes the migrants from across the globe, with an open heart and on a permanent basis.

The concerned migration agents have issued a strong warning against the in-office Turnbull administration’s plans for a major visa overhaul, to radically cut-down the figure of the immigration classes available, claiming the same would have a negative effect.

The report further says that the incumbent Coalition is cooling its heels and looking forward to getting a recommendation from the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHS) on the different ways, to reduce the present 99 visa streams, and bring the same to just 10. If the proposal becomes a reality, it would, allegedly, be the single largest immigration modification witnessed in over 20 years in the history of Australia Immigration.

Criticizing the move, a migration agent reportedly stated that it would be exceedingly tough to manage all of the petitions, the kind of applications that the 99 visa streams manage, and cut them down to just 10 visa sub-streams. Besides, with fewer classes up-for-grabs the candidates, keen to move to the country, will be more expected to go it alone with their paperwork even as it will unquestionably lead to more visa refusals and more disappointments.

He also claimed that the immigration laws of the country are very difficult to follow. And with people and organizations doing their own visa applications there would be a remarkable jump in the number of the visa application refusals and appeals.

Streamlining the System

However, the logic of the DHA for the move is that it would control and check the rapidly increasing net overseas movement and lessen the price of the “ill-suited” visa structure, which, it alleged, is nothing but Jurassic and an artefact of a long-gone period. Further, a more flexible structure would assist the administration to draw new and superior migrants where they arise.

Significantly, by contrast, the US, reportedly, has an even more complex arrangement with nearly 185 different kinds of visa classes.

As per the DHA’s numbers, the number of the visa & citizenship petitions is predicted to jump by close-to 50% inside the coming decade, to nearly 13 million applications every year.

As per another concerned person, who has, reportedly, been navigating the visa system for over two decades, to facilitate the overseas students to enroll for various study courses in the Kangaroo Land, it’s still an extremely difficult tough job for a person to navigate the figure of the subclasses on the website run by the Immigration Department, and to figure which specific subclass will suit their specific necessity is extremely difficult.

Visa Agents Warn Australian Government

More Changes into the Future

Peter Dutton the incumbent Australian Home Affairs Minister had reportedly declared the government’s aim to shake up the visa classes during the year gone by. The administration had then admitted public submissions over a seven-week time-period, getting a total of 255.

A summary of the public consultation procedure, reportedly, puts forward that there is rather strong backing for a visa arrangement that is not difficult to steer.

Majority of those who presented their submissions to the administration reportedly supported the retention of some kind of corridor from impermanent to permanent residence.

It, reportedly, comes in the wake of many amendments made lately that have cut down the opportunities for migrants to get Permanent Residency (PR) in Oz comprising reorganizations to the very popular 457 Skilled Visa Scheme.

Also under reflection is a new provisional visa arrangement that would not afford the candidates the similar access to the prized welfare payments & services that those with the Permanent Residency status in the country are presently entitled to.

Throwing more light on the issue, another involved person, reportedly, stated that it’s a BIG change. The same may see an extensive change in what visa classes the nation has, and secondly a major shift from the Kangaroo Land, as a nation of permanent settlement, to one where impermanent movement is more and more how things stand.

Even as the Labor, reportedly, backs the concept of making the visa structure simpler in principle, according to the main opposition, shutting the different corridors to Permanent Residency may generate an “underclass” of migrants in the country.

Criticizing the proposal further, he, reportedly, added that it seems as if the administration has some sort of a hidden agenda.

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