Your Visa Category Decides Australian Immigration Processing Time

If you are keen to move to Australia and want to know the Australian Immigration processing time, well, you have landed on the right page.

Australian Visa is not one that is too difficult to acquire, but it is mostly dependent on the specific visa subclass or the type of visa that is relevant to your application. It is also important to specify the type or purpose of your visit, according to which, it is indicated how long it takes in order to process and finalize 75% or 90% of all applications that are submitted globally.

The Australian Immigration Processing Time primarily comprises the time in between the date of complete application which is required by the DIBP processing office and the date of finalization of the visa. The department only responds to the inquiries after the processing time that is published has elapsed.

Australian Immigration Processing Time
Australian Immigration Processing Time

Australian Immigration Processing Time depends on a number of factors. The following are a brief overview of these factors:

  1. Whether all the necessary supporting documents have been submitted by you on the day that you have lodged your application.
  2. How promptly or how adequately you respond to the requests for providing any additional documents that might be necessary.
  3. How long it takes for you to complete any required checks on documents that have been provided in order to support your application.
  4. How long it takes for the department to acquire documents especially outside the department, chiefly pertaining to health, national security and character analysis.
  5. The number of places that has made available in the Migration Programme.
  6. A decision regarding the acceptance of your visa application may be pertaining to the documents and information that have been provided by you at the time of lodging the application.

It is, however, recommended that you lodge your visa application way before your intended travel date. You should also make any travel related arrangement only after the visa has been granted.

Generally, the skilled and Partner Visa takes about 12 months before it is ratified, but a Parent Visa may take longer, it really depends on the subclass of your visa. The best way to ensure that the visa processing takes the minimum amount of time is by submitting documents and information as accurately as possible from your end, so that you can ensure on your part that you have done the best that you could from your end. The rest invariably depends on the nature of the PR process in Australia.

Another way of ensuring that your time is saved is by coordinating with a trusted immigration consultancy agency in Australia.

Concisely, the Australian Immigration Processing Time it will take for your visa application to process and finalize depends on the type of our visa and also on the nature of information that has been provided by you.

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