Visa Failure – Confirmed Report!

According to a report published by the UK Border Agency, it has been proved that every year plenty of UK marriage visas are granted to people who come from Pakistan, but these go through without a proper immigration check!

If reports are to be believed, almost six thousand seven hundred and fifty people from Pakistan were given UK marriage visa in the year 2009. The report stated that almost one third of these people obtained their visas through faking procedures, hence almost 2,000 of these UK marriage visas are given to fraud people.

Also, the reports pointed out that almost in 31 per cent of the above cases, the officials from the UK immigration authorities could never find ample proofs that the applicants could support them financially as well when they are on their way to join their spouses living in the UK.

A lot of applications are found to be decked with plenty of spelling mistakes which may give rise to the evidence that they are fraudulently done! In some cases, unexplained financial deposits have been found as some applicants are found to have lied about their jobs and getting certain benefits related to tax system.

According to Damian Green, who is the UK Immigration Minister, this is a serious matter. Lack of scrutiny has lead to thousands of UK Marriage visas granted to fraud people.

To avoid such instances, prospective applicants are always advised to file a genuine immigration process by going through a legal immigration consultant.

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