Visitor to Hong Kong Saw an Augment Of 22.5%

According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, visitors coming to Hong Kong have amplified by a good percentage of 22.5, witnessed in the first 11 months of the year 2010.

Figures say that a total number of 32,486,877 visitors marked their presence between January till November of the year 2010, hence exceeding the number of visitors compared to the last year. The month of November alone saw visitors reaching a good number 3,052,390, marking a rise of 17.1 percent over November of 2009.

Hong Kong has always been a prospective country to immigrate, be it on Travel visa or on a Permanent residency. The country is decked with plenty of business related options that entrepreneurs would love marking a good career move in Hong Kong. With wonderful economy and state of art facilities, this can be an eventual destination of your dreams.

Figures further said that the influx of all short-haul markets enhanced by more than 10 percent and 18.6 percent in November as well as the first 11 months of this year in that order.

The influx from China, Japan and South Korea to Hong Kong saw a huge rise in the figures too. As far as arrivals from India are concerned, a ravishing growth of 47.2 percent has been witnessed in the arrivals to Hong Kong.

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