What are the Major Benefits of Australia Immigration?

The appeal of Australia lies in the metropolitan lifestyle, lucrative job opportunities, and high standard of living that attracts migrants from across the world. Over the past two decades, the changes introduced in the Australia immigration policy and procedure have successfully accommodated a broad range of migrants into the population. The 2016 Census found that more than one-fourth of Australia’s population is comprised of immigrants, who have contributed significantly to the burgeoning national economy. This multi-cultural immigration hotspot continues to invite eligible aspirants to strengthen the skilled workforce.

An Australian permanent resident can leverage the following benefits:

    • Live permanently in Australia, and work in the nominated occupation that features on the relevant Australia Skilled Occupation List. Australia has a good employment rate, and fair practices are observed across industries. The high minimum wage and employment benefits are designed to protect job seekers.
    • Students can choose to pursue courses from world-renowned educational institutions in Australia.
    • Entrepreneurs and investors can establish, expand or invest in businesses in Australia.
    • PR visa holders can enrol in the country’s healthcare scheme- Medicare.
    • Permanent residents can avail bank loans and buy property in Australia.
    • An Australian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor the PR application of an eligible spouse or relative who wishes to join them in the country.
    • After four years of living in Australia on a valid visa, the PR holder can apply for citizenship, subject to certain requirements. If the citizenship application is approved, they can gain additional benefits.
    • The Adult Migrant English Program provides free English language training to new migrants who need to improve their communication skills. This enhances their employability and ability to assimilate into local communities.
    • The Travel Facility permits permanent residents to travel abroad and return to Australia as many times as they want, up to five years after being granted the PR visa.

Free Profile Assessment and Visa Guidance

Australian PR holders enjoy access to most of the benefits that Australian citizens are privy to, but cannot:

  • Exercise the right to vote in elections
  • Hold an Australian passport
  • Avail student loans
  • Join the Defence Force of Australia
  • Work in the Australian government

Applicants considering Australia immigration must understand the benefits and limitations of permanent residency. Ultimately, permanent residency opens a large window of opportunities and enhances the overall quality of life of new immigrants – making the transition to an unfamiliar land a worthwhile pursuit.

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