What to Do After Landing in Canada as a New Immigrant

Many immigrants arrive in Canada without adequate knowledge on the process of integrating into the job market, fulfilling documentation formalities, and adapting to the local culture. New permanent residents Canada must take a series of steps to economically and culturally establish themselves in Canada:

• Apply for a PR travel document to the nearest visa application centre in your current country of residence.

• Arrange temporary accommodation to live in while you search for permanent housing.

• After arrival, obtain a PR Card by submitting the required application forms, documents, and fees via mail to the Case Processing Centre (located in Nova Scotia).

• Apply for a public healthcare insurance card to the Ministry of Health in the Canadian province or territory where you will be living.

• Apply for an Educational Credential Assessment to the assessment authority, if you do not have one already. If your trade or profession is regulated in Canada, it is necessary to obtain a license to practice from the relevant regulatory body.

• Contact newcomer service providers in your province or territory for settlement assistance. This includes job search, language assessment or classes, finding affordable housing, school admissions for children, filling out forms and applications.

• Beware of frauds such as fake government phone calls, fake e-mails, fake computer viruses, fake prizes, etc. People may pose as the authorities to extract personal information or money from you.

• Go through the government website to understand how to avail income tax benefits ad credits for your first tax year as a permanent resident.

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