What is the best way to find a job for a new immigrant to Canada?

Finding jobs in Canada can be an exhausting task as a new immigrant in Canada. As per the guidelines, you don’t require a job offer to attain the Canada Immigration but once you arrive in the country, you must strategize and commence the job hunt. Without any proper job market research, people often get caught in the web of unemployment. Canada is a land of opportunity, only when you understand the job market and professional networking.

As per the statistics, most people can find a job in Canada within 3 months approximately

Below are the lucrative ways to enhance your job hunt process in Canada:

Prepare a Canadian Standard CV and Cover Letter
• The primary step for any job hunt is to have an interactive CV and Cover Letter adhering to the industry standards.
• The CV must give a comprehensive picture of your profile, academics, professional experience, expertise and merits in preferably one page. 2-page CVs are considered for professionals having more than 10 years of experience)

Enhance Professional Networking
• LinkedIn is the next-gen wonder for all the professionals looking for jobs in Canada backed with user-friendly interface and tons of job search options.
• Networking begins when with connecting with the industry leaders, Canadian employers, consultancies and recruitment agencies.

Acquire necessary Job Skills or Certification
• The nature of jobs in Canada can be different from your country, therefore it is advisable to attain the require skills and expertise to be acclimatize with the changing working environment of Canada.
• Some of the occupations in Canada may require Certification and we strongly recommend to identify these occupation and find the associated accreditation authorities.

Register with the recruitment agencies
• Canadian job market may seem competitive due to abundance of immigrants flocking in the country, it would be better to seek the expert advice and service of the Recruitment Agencies
• These agencies can help you find the better job match from the job boards, placement news and regular vacancy update.

Apply for a job in Canada from your home country can be back-breaking venture. But, if you consider applying for Canada PR Visa, then a whole new level of opportunities will be opened to you.

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