What Express Entry Canada Requirements Are?

Previously there were too many formalities involved when it came to immigration to Canada but with the passage of time and formulation of new policies and programs, things have changed drastically. Now, immigration is not something that would give you a hard time; rather, with the introduction of new plans, the movement to foreign lands has become a cup of tea for everyone.

So, to live up to all that expectations and further make movement more flexible, doable and practicable, an altogether new program has begun to flex its muscle from January 2015. The new program addressed by the name Express Entry will make skilled movement to the nation much faster and quicker.

So, for those people who were denied their visas multiple times, and they were literally frustrated when it came to moving to Canada, well, who knows that in future, under the impact of this unprecedented initiative, Canada can become your home country.

Given this, if you want to make the most from this system, then the first thing that you need to know is to crack it and grasp it. In this piece, you will get all the information that you need to process your movement in the most colloquial way. Once you go through this piece, then you will figure-out Express Entry to Canada requirements, and other dimensions that this program has in store for you.

Let’s begin with the process followed by the requirements that this unprecedented scheme demands.

The first thing that you need to do is apply for an Expression of Interest (EoI). Under it, you would be specifying the skills that you carry, your work experience, and other relevant information that the immigration authorities does require. Once you are through with all of that, then you can apply for Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nomination scheme.

Under all these programs, you will be asked to appear for a point based test, and it will ascertain your language skills. The Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will evaluate IELTS ranking. It will be done based on 1,200 points, and applicants will have to score according to the requirements laid down by the Canadian authorities for getting their application approved. As an applicant, if you are applying for Express Entry, then you will be evaluated on four factors:

  1. Core human factor
  2. Accompanying Spouse
  3. Skill Transferability factor
  4. Provincial nomination

In all these factors a total of 1,200 points will be allotted, and you will be allocated 500 points for core capital, 100 points will be granted for skill transferability and another 600 points will be allocated for provincial nomination.

If you are a candidate will accompanying partner, well, in that case, 460 points are allocated for core human capital, you will get a relaxation of 40 points in case the spouse is from the same specialization, and another 100 points is granted for skill transferability. An additional 110 points will be granted for those applicants aged between 20-29 years.

There are many more requirements for Canada Express Entry system that any skilled and experienced immigration professional can help figure-out for you. Hence–if you need to make your application stand flawless–then it is always profitable to avail an immigration consultant.

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