What Prospective Candidates Need To Know About Express Entry Programme 2015

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the apex immigration and visa organization of the Maple Leaf Country—as it is too well known by now, has taken a new initiative, and it has become effective from January 1, 2015. It is known as Express Entry Program.

The main aim of the highly interesting and effective programme is to select skilled professionals, from across the globe, from various professional lines, on the basis of their skills, education, language proficiency and experience. Applicants with valid job offer or provincial nomination are likely to be selected first.

As per the records, Chris Alexander–Canada’s current Citizenship and Immigration Minister–has stated that the backlog elimination is a top priority. The newly introduced Express Entry Programme will help, or at least it is believed, in eliminating long waiting period, and will get eligible skilled professionals to Canada within six months.

Designed on the similar model practice in New Zealand and Australia, Express Entry aims to fast-track the applications where processing period has been fixed to a maximum of just six months. Yes, it is true!

Following is the brief of what prospective candidates needs to know about Express Entry Programme 2015

What is Express Entry Programme?

It is basically an electronic system that facilitates the selection of various economic programs, such as the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, a portion of the Provincial Nomination Programs, and the Canadian Experience Class. Prospective immigrants create an online profile and submit an Express of Interest (EoI) as to why they want to come and live in the Maple Leaf Country. If they are eligible for any of the aforementioned economic programmes, they will thereafter enter the Express Entry Pool, and ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking program (CRS).

If any applicant does not have a prior job offer from Canadian employer, or a provincial/territorial nomination, he may register with the nation’s Job Bank, aptly called Canada Job Bank. The federal government, provincial government, and Canadian employers are on the board to select applicants. Eligible candidates under any of the federal economic programme will receive an Invitation to Apply and will have maximum two months to claim Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation.

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?

It is essentially an internal mechanism used for ranking applicants on the basis of various human capital determined by various factors, such as education, age, experience and language proficiency. The ranking helps the CIC to determine which applicants should be issued an Invitation to Apply for PR. Each applicant may score up to 600 points based on skills transferabilty factors and human capital. Additionally, 600 points will be granted to individuals with a valid job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination.

Misrepresentation may lead to severe penalty

Any applicant who provides the false information leads to misrepresentation depending. On the severity of misrepresentation the applicant will be banned from the re-entering the Express Entry Pool for at two to five years. Therefore, it is advisable to provide the accurate and true information.

Are applicants required to take language test?

Yes, they are required to appear for language test in order to test their language proficiency. There are a fixed number of points available to be scored under each economic programme that stands valid under the Express Entry Programme. The frequently taken tests are the IELTS for English language and the TEF for French language.

If the prospective immigrants are still unsure, and the question What Prospective Candidates Need To Know About Express Entry Programme 2015 still pops in their mind, then they should visit the official website of the CIC for the necessary information. Or, the aspirants can just take the consultancy service of an immigration & visa expert on Canada, who will thereafter offer complete help and review their skills and credentials.

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