What Occurs at Australian Citizenship Observance?

January 26 is a BIG day for us as it our Republic Day. On this day, the Indian Constitution was officially accepted and declared the ‘Mother of All Rules’ to run the country and shape its policies.

But what many not know that January 26 holds a very important place in the hearts of the Australian migrants also. The reason: on this very day the migrants to the country officially get the prized Australian Citizenship.

If you are interested in becoming a citizen of this great nation, here’s what you require figuring about preparing for the observance of your Australian Citizenship.

The ceremony for the Australian Citizenship is actually the last stage prior to your become a proud citizen of this great country. Once your petition, submitted for citizenship, gets sanctioned, as per the law of the land, you have to participate in the Citizenship Service that, as mentioned before, takes place on January 26, to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge.

What You Require Figuring

The ceremony will be organized at your local council, typically inside 6 months of your petition getting accepted by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Ottawa. A letter of invitation will be sent to you by your local council or the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHS).

In case you fail to take part in a ceremony, inside 1 year of receiving sanction for your application, and you lack a satisfactory ground, your petition may be appraised and revoked. So, don’t miss it!

How to Get Ready

You may send invitation to your friends & family to the ritual. You could be asked to bring only a few guests to the ceremony, and the number of the guests you may bring may be mentioned on your letter of invitation. Since your kids might not really be in a position to sit with you, take care that you have someone to look after them. Your guests will have the permission to take photos through the observance.

In case you have special requirements, you may either inform the DHA at your citizenship appointment, or you may use the Citizenship Information Line at 131 880, to convey your message.

Do not forget to bring your letter of invitation and an official ID with a photo, such as a passport or a driver’s license.

Despite the fact that there’s not any official dress code, as per the DHA, you must wear cool casual outfits and turn-up 30 minutes before so that you have ample time for registration.

The Observance

It generally lasts from one to two hours even as you will be greeted with a formal introduction, speeches and an address, prior to your make the pledge.

The presiding official will afterwards ask you to say the Pledge of commitment again. Two types of the Pledge are there one that refers to God, and one that does not. You will be required to repeat the one you chose on your petition form.

As mentioned before, taking a pledge is the final stage in formally getting the nation’s citizenship. As a participant, you are required to undertake the Pledge and express your allegiance to Oz, and also accept the duties & privileges of Australian Citizenship. The occasion will indicate your pledge to being an active member of the Australian society.

After you have made that pledge, you’ll be officially a citizen of the nation and the National Anthem will be played at the end of the service. Then a citizenship certificate will be given to you. Check that the details given on it and ensure they are right. Store it a safe place. Now you can submit an application for the nation’s passport.

Post the Ceremony

You can take snaps and revel in some light drinks & food. The organizers may offer you a small present, such as a native Australian plant, for example.

You’ll also get the chance to add your name to the electoral roll, to enable you to cast your vote at the coming election. Given that voting is obligatory in the Kangaroo Land, you may either register there or get the forms to fill them, at leisure at home.

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