Which Are The 5 Finest Cities To Reside In Canada?

Canada is one overseas hotspot, which, if given an opportunity, every second or third overseas immigration motivated candidate would love to settle in, and why not?

When anybody makes us his mind to shift overseas to a new place, he makes that important decision by mulling different key issues. Rewarding employment, quality education for kids, first-rate infrastructure, cosmopolitan society, superlative healthcare facilities…these are just some of the many factors that cross the minds of the aspirants. And Canada offers these and much more.

Still, when a person shifts to the Maple Leaf Country, he wants to ensure that he moves to the best city or region of the hotspot, to enjoy the finest that the nation has to offer, justifiably so.

The entire Canada is an amazing place to move to. Still, here we are covering the finest 5 cities in the nation for you where you can reside and do a job peacefully while you make the most of the latest and the finest facilities available there in.

5 Finest Cities to Stay in Canada

So, these are the 5 finest cities to stay in Canada for the immigrants! Take a look!

1 Ottawa, Ontario

If you are looking for the best and the most well-paying employment opportunities in the Maple Leaf Country, move straight to Ottawa!

The political capital of the nation, Ottawa also happens to be its largest city. In terms of population, the city is growing like anything, but the good thing is that is offers you with immense work opportunities in different domains with healthcare being just one such field.

But Ottawa is also a key center for research institutes in the process offering great opportunities to the skilled immigrants from the field to work in the segment. The area’s research sector employs a large number of skilled migrants.

Ottawa also happens to be a great cosmopolitan city. Here, people from different nations reside and do a job, even as this gives the city a more ethnic touch. As per a report, Ottawa sits right at the top for its living and working culture. Significantly, every 4th person in Ottawa is an outsider. Ottawa is not just a great place to reside and do a rewarding job, it’s an amazing place to move for enjoying outdoor activities as well, like horse riding, bicycling, skating, yoga, to name a few.

No wonder, for an immigrant keen to move to Canada, Ottawa is one of the best places.

2 Waterloo, Ontario

If you are looking to reside in a Canadian city that boasts of mammoth companies offering tremendous opportunities to the migrants like you for settling move to Waterloo!

It’s a somewhat small city with just 110,000 people. However, if you talk about BIG dreams, Waterloo, perhaps, beats all. Way back during 2007, New York’s Intelligent Communities Forum warded Waterloo the title of intelligent community. The Toronto-Waterloo corridor is a nucleus of many HUGE technology firms with Google, IBM, and RIM being just some well-known names.

Waterloo is also a very good place for pursuing education. It boasts of the famed University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University two topmost Canadian Universities.

Coming back to the presence of big firms in the region, thanks to it, the region has very good opportunities for those keen to do a well-paying work. Significantly, here in Waterloo, the workers get pay packages that match what one gets in the big Canadian cities.

However, the cost of living here in Waterloo is decisively lower. So, in Waterloo, one gets the same quality of living standard but with at a very lower price. What’s more, nearly everything in the region is effortlessly accessible.

3. Regina, Saskatchewan

If you are looking to settle in a place in Canada that has a good scope for self-employment and which offers well-paying job opportunities side-by-side, move to Regina!

The second largest province of the nation with a population close-to 226,000, Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan. Here, in this amazing multicultural city, you will see migrants happily settled from all over the world and speaking different languages.

It is well-known for its thriving Oil and Natural Gas Industries which offer BIG opportunities for the immigrants.

Remarkably, you will be surprised with the area’s extreme weather from severe cold winters to humid summers with the sun blazing right on top.

4. Brossard, Quebec

If you are looking for a place in the Maple Leaf Country that offers great scope for study, especially in law, move to Brossard!

It is famed the world over as an immigrant city with 36% of its total population consisting of migrants. Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Indian…these are just some of the communities that you will bump into the region making you feel completely at home.

The USP of Brossard is that it’s more of a suburban region and people keen in higher opportunities may travel to Montreal, without any difficulty.

As mentioned right in the beginning, here, one has a great scope to pursue a career in law. But the area is also a good place to study business and healthcare. The reason: in Ministere de l’Immigration, de la Diversite et de l’Inclusion, Brossard boasts of some of the finest educational establishments for these.

5. Brandon, Manitoba

If you are interested to move to a place in Canada that’s a haven for skilled migrants, and which provides, perhaps, the best wages in the country, head straight to Brandon!

Much like Waterloo, Brandon offers very high wages and low cost of living. But unlike numerous Canadian cities, English or French is not the region’s first language. Here, Spanish, Mandarin are the most used languages.

So, these are the 5 topmost Canadian cities for living purposes!

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