Work Visas under Long Term Business Category!

As we have already discussed the various requirements and obligations attached to the Long Term Business Category, it is time to learn a few thing about the temporary work visa that is granted to a successful applicant. Have a look at them:

  • A work visa granted under the Long Term Business Category is valid for maximum 9 months.
  • The work visa allows a foreign national to set up and start operation of the business proposed in the visa application in the Kiwi country
  • A further work visa can also be granted to the 9-month work visa holder if the person applies for the same at the time when his 9-month work visa is still valid.
  • To be eligible to be granted an extended work visa, the principal applicant must convince the immigration official that the investment funds stated in the business plan for the proposed business to be established in NZ has been transferred from the applicant’s bank account to the Kiwi country; AND
  • The immigration minister must also get convinced that the principal applicant has taken proper steps to set up the proposed business in NZ
  • A further work visa is granted for a maximum 3-year period.
  • If the principal applicant falls short of convincing the immigration officials that proper steps have been taken to set up the business, he may be granted a further work visa for less than 3 years in order to take further steps to set up and operate the business.

If you are interested in applying for a residence permit to New Zealand, mail following information ASAP at [email protected] for a free immigration assessment by Ajay Sharma, principal consultant, ABHINAV.

  • Your updated resume if skilled professional, or if businessmen, then brief on business profile along with information on your current personal net worth.
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in New Zealand. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration to New Zealand, but serves as additional positive assessment and suitability factor.

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