Apply Early To Successfully Make Express Entry to Canada with Points!

Express Entry to Canada

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) the concerned organization running the visa and immigration affairs for the country has launched the Express Entry Programme, to aid the migration of skilled workers to their country and contribute to the economy. Express Entry to Canada might be a best option for you.

Under this widely written and much used scheme, the applicants are required to create a profile online, and meet the eligibility criteria under any three of the immigration visa programmes, namely, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers Programme, or Federal Skilled Trades Programme.

After doing the same, the candidates wanting to make an Express Entry to Canada with points shall be given a ranking out of 1200 basis on various factors such as – age, skills, work experience, education, et cetera, and accepted into the Express Entry pool.

The IRCC will then conduct periodic draws out of the applicant pool and shortlist the most deserving and skilled applicants and send an Invitation to Apply (ITA) with them. After meeting the eligibility criteria, amassing enough points and receiving the ITA, an applicant can submit their visa application to work and live permanently in the country.

As making an Express Entry to Canada with points is a six-month process, it is one of the fastest and simplest ways to step on the Canadian soil. Additionally, applicants who have a job offer or a state nomination stand a higher chance of obtaining a Permanent Residency Visa (PRV) through the Express Entry Programme.

Although the sheer number of applicants, wanting to migrate to the destination, has increased in the recent years, if you follow the guidelines carefully, and submit all the supporting documents to the truest of your knowledge, the Express Entry Programme can help you obtain a permanent key to the hotspot in no time.

Important: don’t forget to check and confirm with the official resources and guidelines issued by the IRCC. Also, apply early to improve your chances of making Express Entry to Canada with points.

Get Help From the Experts!

It’s also crucial that you seek and get professional assistance and guidance from the visa and immigration specialists. Some people may claim that it’s not necessary, but the fact remains it is. Moving abroad to a developed economy, like the Maple Leaf Country, may seem easy and hassle-free, especially under Express Entry, but there are several vital points which cannot be overlooked or ignored.

One may not do so purposely, but the chances remain that an applicant may not do everything required or submit all the necessary certificates or papers the way it should be. The result: denial of Canada Visa. Against this backdrop, why take a risk when it is your future which is at stake?

For Express Entry to the destination, hire a really good and experienced expert. You can contact Abhinav the renowned visa and immigration specialists and get assistance from them.

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