Attention Early Childhood Educators and Assistants! Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Plan Beckons You!

It is an open secret that Canada is eager to welcome those skilled workers, to cater to the growing needs of its economy, who are sharp and experienced in their respected fields, and who can easily adapt to the unique Canadian environment.

Officially, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the concerned national visa and immigration body, has announced the new occupations and also the caps for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The petitions presented under the Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Program are being accepted now.

Under the amended points based system, the selection parameters have been clearly mentioned. As per the new rules credentials assessment and IELTS Test have been required, and the number of the applications presented under the Federal Skilled Worker program has been restricted.

Among the many professions, the line-of-work, meant for the Early Childhood Educators and Assistants, occupies an important place even as those who are professionals are welcome to kick-start the visa and immigration process. It is important that you take the initiative, and start processing your petition today. Not more than 1000 applications will be considered for the vocation. The experts can take home handsome salaries in the nation, and take their career to the summit of their professional career.

The benefit of immigrating, under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, is that the selected applicants will be provided the prized and the much sought after permanent residency (PR) status, based on their ability to grow in Canada. Their capabilities will be duly assessed on the basis of a selection grid, made up of six factors, including language, work experience, and education, etc. Significantly, a usual full-time yearly salary for this line of work is in the bracket of $20,000 – $30,000 in Canada. And this is one of the best pay-packages earned for the profession across the globe.

Job Definition

Work Profile

As an Early Childhood Educator, you need to plan and organize different activities-for both pre-school and school-age children. Early Childhood Educator Assistants are responsible to provide proper care and guidance to both pre-school and school age children, as per the instructions of the Early Childhood Educators. Their main responsibility is to encourage children to participate in the various activities, to stimulate and develop their physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.


•    To become a qualified Childhood Educator, a graduation degree or diploma in the Early Childhood Education is required even while promotion is possible only with experience.
•    To become a Qualified Childhood Educator Assistant, the completion of secondary school is required along with prior experience in child care. You might also be asked to get an Early Childhood Education Assistant Certificate.

Key Responsibilities

Early Childhood Educators

•    Develop and implement daily activities that support the development of habits, like dressing, proper eating, and using toilet.
•    From time to time, discuss the progress or problems of children with respected parents and other team members.
•    Keep a sharp eye on children, to identify the signs of learning disabilities and/or emotional problems and thereafter take appropriate action.
•    To encourage children to participate in different activities, by simply telling or reading stories, teaching the use of any musical instruments, preparing craft materials and demonstrating their use and taking the children to local points of interest.

Early Childhood Educator Assistants

•    To conduct and monitor different activity designed for young children development.
•    To encourage children to participate in different activities by telling stories, teaching songs and preparing craft materials.
•    To prepare and serve snacks and arrange rooms and furniture for lunch and rest periods.
•    Teach children proper eating, dressing and toilet habits.
•    From time to time, submit a observation report on children to supervisor.
•    To maintain day-care equipment and assist with housekeeping duties.

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