Attention Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health!

As per some reports, at the present, employment prospects are really high for trained Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health in Canada. Those who wish to move to the nation through the FSW Immigration 2014 scheme are welcome to do so.

Work Profile

Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health evaluate and monitor health and safety hazards and develop strategies in order to control risk factors at the workplace. From time to time, they inspect public facilities, restaurants, industrial establishments, municipal water systems and other workplaces to ensure compliance with government regulations regarding pollution control, sanitation and storage of hazardous substances and workplace safety.

Key Duties

  • Inspect the sanitary conditions of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and other public and government institutions. They also conduct surveys and monitor programs of the natural environment to identify different sources of pollution.
  • Collect water samples to analyze, measure physical, biological and chemical workplace hazards and conduct safety and environmental audits.
  • Investigate health and safety related complaints and spills of hazardous chemicals at workplace accidents. They inspect workplaces to make sure that equipment, materials and production processes do not create a health hazard to employees or to the general public.
  • Evaluate, develop and implement health and safety programs and initiate enforcement procedures.
  • Supervise training programs to employers, employees and the general public on issues of public health, environmental protection or workplace safety.


  • A graduation degree or college diploma in a discipline related to chemistry, food science, environmental studies or health and safety.
  • Some employers ask for years of demonstrated work experience. Completion of in-house training courses may substitute for formal education.
  • If you are recruited outside Quebec, you require a certification with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.
  • Certification with the Association for Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

Example Titles

  • hazardous waste inspector
  • environmental health officer
  • health standards inspector
  • health and safety officer
  • pollution control inspector
  • occupational health and safety officer

The good news is that the occupation has been lately mentioned as one of the 50 in-demand wanted professions given on the occupational list under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. As per the programs, post selection, the aspirants will be provided with permanent residency status with all rights and benefits.

The qualified applicants will be evaluated against six main factors to determine their eligibility for immigration. In order to qualify, the candidate must obtain a total of 67 points out of 100.

The selection factors are:

  • Language
  • Education
  • Prior work experience
  • Arranged employment
  • Adaptability
  • Age

The motive of the program is to select the best candidates with the probability of economic settlement success and contribution to national economy. Apart from above requirements, you also need to prove your financial ability to support yourself and your family in Canada.

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