Attention Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors, Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Beckons You!

Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors is the most demanded profession in the ‘Maple Leaf Country’. Health care industry requires a large number of practitioners to cater to the needs of the country. These experts are responsible to co-ordinate and supervise various activities of different registered and practical nurses and personnel in the provision of patient care. They are usually employed in the health care institutions, like clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes and in nursing agencies. The demand has increased in both public and private sector.

These professionals are expected to implement the practice of nursing by applying the various nursing process, in conjunction to other health care professionals. It includes educating patients and their family members on different ways through which illness or injury can be managed further, encouraging taking prescribed diet and executing programs on various medications and physical therapies.

Why migrate as Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors to Canada through the FSW program 2014?

The prospects of the professionals involved with the occupation are quite bright in the country. The number of jobs will increase as the country has a significant shortage of the Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors. An increase in the number of senior citizens, in addition to a substantial number of upcoming retirements among nurses will increase the demand for these specialists.

Key Duties

  • Supervise licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and other nursing personnel in health sector. They are also expected to analyze patient’s health needs, and make sure that the required nursing care is provided on time.
  • Establish and co-ordinate nursing services in conjunction with other health services, and make certain that quality nursing care is given, and appropriate administrative procedures are followed.
  • Assist in establishing unit policies and procedures and administer nursing unit budget, and make sure that supplies and equipment are as per the requirement.
  • Assist in various processes, such as evaluation, selection and professional development of nursing personnel. They also contribute on various research projects related to nursing and medical care.

Example Titles

  • Acute care co-coordinator – nursing
  • Assistant head nurse
  • Birthing room nursing supervisor
  • Burn unit nursing co-coordinator
  • Burn unit nursing supervisor


  • Education qualification
  • Language proficiency in either English or French
  • Work experience
  • Age, preference if given to young applicants
  • An arranged job in Canada
  • Adaptability

In addition, you have to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family in the country. Applicants and their family members have to undergo a medical examinations and security clearances as part of the Canadian immigration submission process. Approved candidates will be given permanent residence status, and as per rules will be free to excess all rights and benefits.

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