Australia Permanent Resident Visa–What Pathways You Have?

Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Located at the other end of the world, Australia is a well developed country with a thriving economy. It is also a popular immigration destination. Many of those who come to the country even once do not wish to return to their native country. Such is the charm of Oz.

Why people are eager to acquire the Australian Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)?  Well, the answer to the simple question is really not that simple. In fact, there is no single reason to justify the question. The appeal of the popular Australia Permanent Resident Visa is really high among the people of various age groups who all wish to permanently settle in the country along with their family.

Why People Wish to Become Australia’s Permanent Residents?

It’s difficult to list concrete reasons as to why many people wish to acquire the said visa. From many developing nations, mainly from Asia, a huge number of applications are submitted for the PR Visa. The aspirants are motivated with the nation’s world class education system, well developed cities, thriving economy, highly developed infrastructure, high human development index, high perks, modern and quality lifestyle, low employment and crime rate and exotic locations.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa—Popular Pathways

Skilled Migration: The category is extremely popular, and is a very common pathway for those who wish to live and work in ‘Down Under’ indefinitely.  The visas under the category, such as subclass 189,190, etc., have been developed for skilled workers with exceptional talent, who are not only keen to settle but are capable to contribute towards the country’s economy.

Employer/State Sponsored Visas: If you are sponsored by your employer or state, you may apply for the Subclass visa, such as 186, 187 etc. Without sponsorship you cannot even initiate your visa application.

Business and Investment Visas: Those with business skills, who think country’s economy is favorable to either to start a new business or make an investment in a existing business, may apply for the subclass 132, 188, 888 etc. Under the category, not only the primary applicant gets a PR Visa but his family is also eligible to enjoy the same status.

Parents/relatives/partner Category: It is mainly a sponsored category. The PR Visa holder may sponsor their parents/close relatives and partner to come to the country.

Australia Permanent Resident Visa & Immigration Agents

The Land of Kangaroos has one of the most well developed immigration systems. The Department of Immigration and Border protection (DIBP) very smartly manages a point based system. Applicants get a fair opportunity to qualify on the basis of their human capital factors.

However, one needs to follow the system accurately just to ensure there is no unnecessary delay, denial or rejection. Many a times due to minor mistakes your visa application is rejected. In such cases, your visa processing fee is also not returned.

To make it easier, you may process your visa application under the guidance of an Australia immigration consultant. They are not just thorough with the immigration process for the Land of Kangaroos, but they follow the process in a very dedicated and systematic way.

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