Becoming a Dentist in Canada!

Thinking of pursuing a career in dentistry in Canada? Without giving a second thought to your dream, we recommend you to go for it and we assure you a guaranteed career in the North American country. No one will bother if we say Canada as a paradise for dentists. Be it professional with years of experience or aspiring students who want to have a bright career in dentistry, they find it quite comfortable to immigrate to the country, reason being it holds endless opportunities in this field.

Let us throw focus on aspiring youngsters who are intending to become dentists in Canada. Becoming a dentist is not an easy deal. `But, at the end of the day all your education pays off when you make it big in dentistry. Let us have a look at what goes into this process.

First of all, an undergraduate degree is a must. A Bachelor’s degree in science stream is mandatory to in order to attend a dentistry school in Canada. As soon as you complete your undergraduate degree, you must apply to a Canadian School of Dentistry. Usually, a dentistry program in Canada is a 4 years program. While doing the program, you are eligible to select specialization in dentistry. On the completion of the program in Canada, you will obtain a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) degree. After that, in order to be eligible to pursue a career as a dentist, you must clear an exam. This exam is administered by Canada’s National Dental Examination Board. After passing the exam, registration with the respective body in the Canadian province where you are going to practice is must.

If you have earned all education, including schooling and dentist outside Canada, then you must meet the equivalency requirements before you will become eligible to work in this specialized field in Canada.

Contact an Immigration and visa Consultant today itself and know more about dentistry in Canada. Alongside, get prepared to immigrate to Canada with the help of the professionals. For any assistance, contact us at [email protected]!

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