UK Abjured Discrimination against Pak Immigrants!

UK has been accused of showing discriminatory behavior against the Pakistani immigrants living in the nation. Various media outlets in Pakistan are making allegations on UK that the country is targeting the nationals from Pakistan and are deporting them without providing any apt reason. The accusations are that the exercise has been done on discriminatory basis performed on the Pakistani nationals.

Applauding these allegations as false, a spokes person from the UK embassy has commented that so many immigrants are eager to come to the UK after accepting their terms and conditions linked with visas. They are law-abiding and hence, their government has in full support for them. But apart from them, there are those are here to abuse the visa system of the country. For them, there is no support at all and it is reasonable that no tolerance should be provided for those who abuse the visa and immigration system of the UK.

Curbing down the aspect of illegal immigration is the top priority for the nation’s government. He went on to say that the country is NOT singling out the nationals from Pakistan; in fact this abuse would not be tolerated from any other nationality.

Further, strict action would be taken against all those undocumented workers who are living in an undocumented manner in the UK without permission.

Only those would be removed by the UK Border Agency who are staying in an illegal manner in the country and those who have no right to stay in the UK.

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