Cooks and Chefs Preferred Over Lawyers in Canada!

Are you a lawyer? Hold on… Chefs and Cooks are in high demand in Canada as compared to a trained lawyer or a well qualified computer scientist! In accordance with the revised immigration qualifications for highly-skilled migrants, the occupations of lawyers, teachers and other critical professionals have been decidedly excluded from the list, hence giving preference to occupations like cooks or chefs, to name a few.

While this may not serve as great news for people involved in highly skilled occupations like lawyers or computer scientists, the list provides ample scope for less skilled occupations which may find it hard to qualify in some other country.

Canada accepts thousands of immigrants every year who come flocking in huge number in the nation. Multiculturalism is a facet which is highly respected in a country like Canada as the latter accept immigrants with open arms.

Salary options for Chefs and Cooks

Chefs and cooks are cardinal parts of hospitality industry, not only in Canada but all over the world. People working under this profession are trained to discharge various kinds of responsibilities linked with food and beverage of a hospitality establishment. There fore, there are different subclasses given to cooks and chefs who work for various food categories, for instance baking, grilling, cooking, to name a few. They mostly get employment options in restaurants, hotels, resorts and motels. In accordance with their areas of skills and the number of experience these professionals have in their individual fields, these are provided with different pay packages. They work under both full time as well as part time basis. A majority of them are entitled to certain amenities like fixed uniform, free meals or/and lodging facilities from their employers.

Generally private cooks/chefs get better salaries as compared to those indulged in fast food hotels or institutional cafeterias or cruise ships. In addition to this, professional having better educational qualifications are entitled to higher salaries.

Normally, professional cooks 23,096 to 28,862 dollars annually. The figures may vary in case of pastry chefs and food scientists!

Apart from accepting highly demand workers since the past so many decades, the country is now throwing open immigration options for less skilled occupations, hence providing perfect scope for workers to work in a better working environment as compared to their home countries.

For those occupations which are currently NOT in demand in Canada, professionals associated with those fields can look out for other prospective destinations, say Hong Kong, which is a hub of employment options! Visit for more info on the same.

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