No Threat from Detainees, Says Australian Immigration Minister!

According to Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia, the asylum seekers who are being moved to a new location in a Western Australian community do not pose any form of threat to the local residents. During a community meeting which took place a few days back, the Minister had addressed the residents of the Northam which is situated about 100 km north-east of Perth.

This meeting was used by the Minister as a way to reduce fears regarding issues pertaining to safety among the residents. Having a detention centre in mainland Australia would be safe. This is because most of those detained are actually waiting for an approval for their Australian visa claim.

He also mentioned that he has not been aware of any incidents where in those detainees who have escaped have taken to any criminal acts. More so, such escapades have been rare. Infact, as per evidence those detained while their claims were under process have conducted themselves in an appropriate manner as they are supposed to.

The local residents have had issues pertaining to contingency plans under extreme circumstances such as that of a riot. Keeping this in mind, hospital resources which if reports are to be believed are at a breaking point was another concern.

Above all, the number of asylum seekers has been constantly on the rise which has led to the opening of new detention centers in the nation. With the local residents protesting, soon the government has to come about with a solution to ensure the safety, security as well as the satisfaction of the local residents.

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