Church Suspends London Clergymen!

According to church leaders, sham marriages inquiries have led to the suspension of two clergymen (the Rev Elwon John, who is aged 43 and the Rev Brian Shipsides, who is aged 54) from east London. Mr John is associate minister and Mr. Shipsides is the priest in charge. Their houses are located in Forest Gate and were investigated by the officials of the UK Border Agency.

In addition, the churches were thoroughly searched by the investigating officials. After the investigation, three people who were speculated to have organized sham marriages at All Saints have also been taken into custody.

The arrest of a Nigerian man aged 27 took place as he intended to get married to a 23 year old girl of Dutch origin. In addition, a Nigerian woman, aged 30 was also taken into custody. The Nigerian man was arrested on the suspicion of getting involved in identity card offences.

According to the Diocese of Chelmsford, these speculations and arrests do not mean that any kind of judgment has been proved on these priests. In addition co-operation has been provided to the police, along with providing pastoral care to the affected individual.

Mr. Shipsides faced arrest as he was speculated to have violated the laws related with Immigration.

The Nigerian woman has been taken into custody for facilitating the violation of rules related with immigration. They have been ordered to appear on October 4, at Inner London Crown Court.

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