Proposition for 14th Amendment to be Mended!

According to the 14th Amendment, any child born in the United States is automatically a citizen of the nation. This also includes those children who are born to parents who are not the citizens of the United States. But with the current issue of illegal immigration being the debate, this amendment is being questioned. Many leading Republicans are urging to reconsider this 14th Amendment.

In order to curb illegal immigration, few Republican senators have said that such children, especially born to parents who are illegal migrants should not be accepted as US citizens, despite being born in US. According to Senator Lindsey Graham, just crossing the borders only to deliver a child should not be the reason. With the intent to ensure that their children are US citizens motivates these undocumented migrants to cross the borders illegally.

Since there are already about 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States, adding more to the number through illegal means and projecting them as being legal is something which cannot and should not be tolerated by the government of any nation.

It has also been proposed by the Senate GOP leaders to not have a system of automatic citizenship unless one of the parents is a citizen of the US. The citizenship clause in the 14th amendment came about 1868 so as the freed slaves could obtain a citizenship.

On the other hand, the Democrats feel that the Republicans are giving way to anti-immigration extremists and thus, doubting the very Constitution they have sworn to preserve.

Above all, this change could only be brought out after a Constitutional amendment has been brought about. For this, it is important to get the consent of two-thirds majorities from both the Congress chambers and from three-fourths of the states.

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