Supporters for Stricter Immigration Laws in Mississippi Gathered in a Meeting!

About two hundred people gathered at Madison Square Centre for the Arts Rallied on Monday to support the cause of illegal immigration in Mississippi. It was a gathering where many speakers talked about the illegal immigration and its various aspects in the United States particularly in Mississippi. The gathering was supported by many people who came from Madison, Rankin, Hinds and Copiah countries. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the issues related with the Mississippi immigration laws.

One of the speaker said that those who enter the border through illegal ways violates the federal laws which costs the Mississippi taxpayers. Such illegal immigrants also takes away the job opportunities from the legal citizens of the nation. According to the statistics, about twenty five million dollars goes to support the illegal immigration which comes from the Mississippi taxpayers. The issue of illegal immigration is complex and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

The speakers were quite agitated by the current state of illegal immigration and were saying that America must come up with ways to secure its borders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants entering the nation. Mississippi is on its way to begin its own fight against illegal immigration.

One of the officials, Becky Currie of Brookhaven suggested introducing the bill as similar to the Arizona law for the solution of the problem. Currie further requested the other state representatives gathered there to support the stricter laws for immigration.

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