Coca-Cola MD Supports Immigration to Australia!

It has been urged by the Group Managing Director of Coca-Cola in Australia to make the rules pertaining to immigration less stringent. According to him, the nation gains from permitting foreign migrants to live, work or study in Australia. The visa requirements should be a bit relaxed which would permit the Australian companies to train the foreign professionals in the nation.

Mr. Terry Davis said that the nation would hate to lose out on the opinion of being an open state which accepts and embraces all cultures and is an open society. As per him, the migrants from Greece and Italy who immigrated to Australia half a century ago have been an asset to the nation. He said these words during a lunch at the Australian Institute of Company Directors while he spoke to the journalists post lunch.

At the same time, while answering the question pertaining to the number of visas to be issued, he feels that the level of immigration is a different debate altogether. This would rely upon many different considerations in terms of the nation and the inflow of people at a given time.

Mr. Davis also voiced out to support more number of international students to come and study in Australia. As per him, he would want to hire the best and the brightest from the universities in Australia irrespective of where these students came from.

Above all, it can be easily said that despite the rules being changed, there is at least one from the corporate world in Australia who believes that immigration is important for the development of the nation.

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