Couple in Limbo in Canada!

A couple faced immense visa hassles after experiencing a death in the clan. They used to reside in Leaminton, Canada but had to fly back to Mexico after the incident happened in their family.

Vazquez Cortes Maria Eugenia, and Gerhard Wiebe, the couple in concern, had to go back to Mexico after the death of Corte’s mom. But when they returned back from Mexico, the wife was told that she would not be able to enter the country due to certain visa problems. The couple marked their presence back to the country on 1 July 2010.

Cortes came to Canada three years back. She was granted entry on the basis of her valid Visit Visa. It was here when she met Wiebe and they tied knot with each other.  After getting married, she applied for a PR Card for Canada. During the waiting period, she kept on renewing her visa from time to time to ensure that her stay is counted legal till the time her PR Card arrives.

Cortes at first came in the country on a visitor’s visa for Canada three years ago. It was then that she got engaged to Wiebe and decided to tie know with each other. The couple later tied the knot and the female spouse went on to apply for a PR Card. While she was waiting for her card to come, she applied for renewal of her Visitor visa every six months; so that she ensures that she is residing in the country in a legal manner.

Before going to Mexico, they cross checked whether she would be granted her entry back in Canada or not. The Canadian immigration confirmed of the same but when they landed back in Canada, it was found that the advice was not correct. Now reports say that she has to start the overall procedure again until and unless there are any federal intervention.

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