Immigration Fraudster Sentenced to Imprisonment!

A conman named Joseph Said-Calleja, has been sentenced to imprisonment for forty eight months for indulging in fraudulent activities and misguiding immigrants to live in UK. He was pretending to offer immigration advice to many innocent victims by advertising his services in Edinburgh at the Central Mosque and other places. He defrauded his victims for over £2,000. He used to leave his contact details so that immigrants could contact him and discuss their requirements.

Said-Calleja has admitted to committing frauds and obtaining an amount of £2,312.5 through fraudulent means. These offences were committed during the period of November 2004 and September 2005. He had rented an office space at the George Street and a couple’s home located in the Slateford in the city.

As per the sources, the reason behind involving such crimes was to support his dyslexic son who is 11 years of age in Malta. The money was required to pay for his speech therapy, additional tuitions which were required and to pay for classroom assistants.

The fake applications that he was making and addressed to the Home Office were traced back to him. With this, one of the victims was a family from Zimbabwe which was heard in the court. This family had paid him £975 and had submitted their birth certificates and passports to him. Similarly, he had charged another couple an amount of £837.50 who wanted to obtain permanent leave for the mother of the woman.

Above all, this scammer has been sentenced to imprisonment. At the same time, it has also been appealed to the court to provide compensation for the victims.

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