Election Results Announced in Australia, Scope for More Immigration!

The election results in Australia have been announced. As per the results, the Labour Party led by Julia Gillard has won again and is now holding the maximum number of seats. The party would remain as the Government of Australia for the next three years.

Initially, the elections did not come out with a clear winner with the majority of votes. The decision came about after the three Independent Ministers in Australia put forth their support. However, these independent ministers would have some amount of authority in the new government. They might have the right to the deciding votes regarding any policy changes which are controversial in nature.

It is but obvious that when it comes to immigration, these independent ministers would definitely press on immigration to regional communities. This would aid in enhancing the population in these regional areas as well as cater to skilled professionals. So, this is good news for those who intend to immigrate to Australia.

On the other hand, it is already a known fact that Prime Minister Gillard believes in a small Australia. This news had come about when the issue of immigration was not a hot debate.

All in all, it is yet to be seen how this would come out for immigrants in Australia. At the same time, the nation needs more skilled migrants to cater to its growing economy. Above all, it is important that the right decisions are made and implemented.

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