Smuggled Migrants Found in Riverside!

Thirty seven illegal migrants from six different nations were caught by the Federal agents in the United States. As per the authorities, these people were smuggled and crammed together in one small house in Riverside. They were held captive for weeks together. The immigrants included a baby and two toddlers who were found in a small bedroom. This room was only around 10 by 12 feet and was locked with the windows boarded up.

According to Virginia Kice, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman in Los Angeles, the raid was conducted after one of the captive’s relative contacted the Police Department in Los Angeles. The police was informed by the caller that since the family was not able to pay the relevant sum of money; the smugglers had threatened to kill the captive.

According to the Special Agent In-Charge for ICE, Claude Arnold, most of the captives were in good condition physically. At the same time, some of them reported to not having consumed food for days. He also said that 6 suspected smugglers have been detained. As of now, they are being questioned but no one has been arrested till now.

With the above, another seven immigrants have also been taken into custody for being linked into the same smuggling scheme. The smuggled immigrants belonged to various countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and El Salvador.

Of these, those have been brought to the nation illegally would be deported and would be subject to the proceedings accordingly. However, those who the smugglers have assaulted or have been victims of other crimes would be considered as victims and could qualify for a victims’ visa.

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