Group of Australian Student Visa Holders may Face Deportation!

20 overseas students who were enrolled in Australian educational institution held a meeting with the Australian immigration department to commence talks on the cancellations of their visas.

Reports say that more than 70 students, a majority of them are from India, have been acquainted that their Austrian visas have been withdrawn. These students were enrolled in Adelaide Pacific International College in South Australia; an institution which caters to various courses, recently faced a suspension of its federal registration, courtesy the fact that the college was performing dissemblance in its attendance record keeping.

After this incident, the institution reopened again at the orders of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal partly on the condition that the existing students would continue studying but no more new recruitments would be done in future. Despite this condition, the concerned students (70) were asked that they would face serious concerns regarding their Australian visas on the fact that they are having bad attendance records.

Hence, finding themselves in a state of limbo, 20 of these students decided to clear the matter with the Australian immigration department. According to Jay Kang, who is the chief executive of the institution, they are sheer victims but would continue to hold the fights. In addition, they would provide their level best to offer quality education to the students.

Final decision is yet to be made, but the students have been ordered cancellation of their visas.

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