Immigration Supported by US Corporates!

According to Corporate America, the biggest brands in technology would not have made it to their current position without the much needed skilled migrants from overseas. Big brands such Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Google to name a few, could not have made it to the top spot otherwise.

According to a report which has been made for the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and the American Council of International Personnel (ACIP), a strong defense is seen especially towards India. Such terms have been mentioned 43 times followed by China and Chinese with nine references.

When it comes to the ACIP, their objective is to cater to the relevant resources as well as the support which is required for the development of placement, mobility as well as the training of the highly academically qualified professionals throughout the world.

This report has come about when many measures have been taken recently to curb immigration. All the major high tech firms see it as the role of the highly qualified immigrants for their success. Many examples have been cited with reference to immigrants in the report. The H1-B program has been the key to all these developments which took place in the realm of technology. For instance, Orkut which was created by Orkut Buyukkokten is from Turkey. He received his PhD from Stanford University and later on joined Google as a software engineer.

A research by William Kerr from the Harvard Business School and William F. Lincoln from the University of Michigan has also been referred to in the report. This research projects a connection between the increased patent filings and the H-1B admissions. This has been found for both the companies as well as the cities.

The report also has a special section known as the “Hyperbole about Indian Company Use of H1-B Visas”. This part caters to the H1-B visas granted to the Indian professionals who come and work in the United States.

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