Ireland Immigration and EU Blue Card!

Reports from Irish Times state that the relatively open immigration system of the country has played a critical role in luring more and more number of overseas researchers as compared to any other European Union nation.

If statistics are seen, it has been confirmed by Conor O’Carroll, research director for the Irish Universities Association that almost thirty five percent of PhD students who are enrolled in various applauded Ireland universities are overseas applicants. In addition to that, 38 per cent of researchers are from other countries. Half of these statistics are from outside EU, a majority of them coming from India, China, and the United States.

O’Carroll further said that it is standard and quality of the education institutions which play a crucial role in attracting applicants from all over the world.

Now here is something about the EU Blue Card for all those who want to immigrate. Also known as Blue European Labour Card, this gives freedom to highly skilled non-EU people to get employed and reside in any nation within EU, barring Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

It is comparatively easier for applicants to immigrate to EU, all thanks to the fast-track immigration system which makes it quicker for scientific researchers to move to EU nations.

Experts still believe that mobility is a little concern in EU as each and every nation has its individual immigration policy. O’Carroll said that thanks to the Blue Card, people would be able to get employment in some of the highly skilled EU occupations and get freedom to move between member states.

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