Poll Reveals Canadians Feel No Benefits from Immigration!

With the recent arrival of the boat containing Tamil migrants, the issue illegal immigration has been of much concern. Around fifty percent of the local Canadians feel that the 492 Tamil migrants who arrived in Canada should be sent back to Sri Lanka. This is as per a new public opinion poll by Angus Reid. The survey was conducted online and revealed that only a third of the local people that is about 32 percent of the respondents would permit these immigrants to live as refugees in the nation.

According to the spokesman of Angus Reid, Jodi Shanoff, little has changed when it comes to how the people of Canada feel about these people coming in ships. More so, Ontario has also become a part of those who feel that immigration is not bringing about any form of benefits to the nation.

As per the survey, those who feel deportation is the right way would send these people back. This is despite their refugee claims being genuine and them not belonging from any terrorist organization or has any other discernible links. With this, the poll also found that 46 percent of the total of 1007 respondents feels that the concept of immigration is not having any positive effects on the nation. Only 34 percent felt that immigration has led to a positive income.

More so, about every two in five Canadians which is equivalent to 38 percent felt that the number of legal migrants being permitted in the nation should be reduced. However, 39 percent feel that the current rate should be maintained. Another 16 percent feel that more than the current rate should be brought in.

On the other hand, about 44 percent believe that illegal migrants steal most of the jobs from the local citizens and another 38 percent think that new immigrants absorb those jobs which are not favored by the Canadians.

The poll revealed many similar facts which clearly projected that the local citizens of Canada prefer illegal migrants to be subject to deportation. More so, they also feel that the number of immigrants being permitted in the nation should be reduced.

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