Job Based PR in Toronto, Apply Now !

Job Based PR in Toronto — Are You Motivated?

Toronto is a multi-cultural and a global city. It is also an international center of arts, business, culture and finance. It is the fifth largest city in North America, and located in Ontario. The city is famous for its skyscrapers. Besides, it is also the country’s commercial capital, and home to the Toronto Stock Exchange, headquarter of one of the five largest banks of the nation. The good news for the immigrants is that you can get Job Based PR in Toronto.

Job Based PR in Toronto

It has a thriving economy and the strength of its growing economy lies in design, education, fashion, business sector, technology, food services financial services, and tourism.

The Maple Leaf Country is a popular immigration destination and so is its City Toronto. To test their destiny and earn economic prosperity, many people migrate to the city every year. If you too are eager to move to the popular city, then definitely you will like to know how to immigrate to Toronto. You will also be eager to know how the job based PR in Toronto is possible.

The easiest way to immigrate to Toronto is through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP). Following is the brief on the same.

What is Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme General?

It has been introduced to draw qualified skilled workers with a prior job offer form the employer in Province, and using the same, applicants can easily settle in Toronto, City of Ontario.

Eligible employers are first required to apply for a pre-screen application to the OINP to get the vacant position approved. If the OINP is approved, the prospective skilled immigrants must submit a nominee application in not more than 60 days soon after the Pre-screen Application approval.

Primary Requirements

To be eligible, foreign skilled workers have to fulfill these requirements:

  1. Must have at-least two years of work experience (paid and full time) either in the Maple Leaf Country or abroad in the last five years, or if the applicant is applying for a vacant position in a regulated profession in Ontario, then he must have a appropriate registration in the province.
  2. The employer, submitting the application, must offer you a full time job offer (permanent) in a skilled occupation (NOC Levels O, A or B).
  3. Must be the resident of foreign country, or working or visiting the country on a Work Visa, Study Visa or Visitor Visa.

If you are determined to start afresh in Toronto, Canada then the Job based PR in Toronoto category OINP General will be most suitable for you. The city is an economic hub and thus a large number of people are keen to settle here. It will be right to say that to acquire its PR is pretty tough.

However, if you wish to simplify the process, consult a Canada immigration consultant. He will give you a complete brief and make your immigration journey simple.

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