Types of PR Visas for Australia

Many people wish to make Australia their second home. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) receives the highest number of PR Visa applications every year. The country’s economy, geographical location, exotic places, weather, culture and immigrant-friendly policies make it the most favorable country among immigrants and there are various types of PR visas for Australia applying under which can make your dream a reality.

Now that Australia has impressed you, and you are eager to become its permanent resident, you might be thinking what types of Australia PR Visa for Australia are available and which would be best for me. This piece will give you more information on the same.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): It is a point based category, and primary applicant may bring along their family members. It is the most popular immigration category mainly introduced to welcome trained manpower not sponsored by the state, employer, territory or family member. Applicants are selected mainly on the basis of various factors such as experience, skills and education.

Types of PR Visas for Australia

To apply, the candidates have to choose an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List Australia (SOL) and then submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). If you are selected, you will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): It is also a point based popular category. To apply, you must be nominated by a state or territory government. The category is introduced to draw the highly trained skilled workers. To apply, you need to submit an EoI using the SkillSelect. If you are chosen, you will be issued an ITA and will get 60 days to apply for the visa.

Employer’s Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186): It is an employer’s nomination scheme, designed for Australian employers who wish to recruit highly foreign trained skilled workers in order to fill the vacant positions on a permanent basis.

Australia Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132): It has been introduced to draw business professionals who wish to start a new or manage an existing business in the country and are nominated either by a state or territory. It has two primary streams–Significant Business History Stream and Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream.

Distinguished Talent Visa for Australia (Subclass 124): It is for the applicants with exceptional talent who are recognized internationally for their achievements in various fields such as academia, arts, research, sports etc.

Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887): This is for individuals who have lived and worked in a specified regional area for at least one year.

Besides these, there are many other PR Visas such as Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 858), State/Territory Sponsored Investor Visa (subclass 893), Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 124), and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (subclass 187), etc.

Now that you now there are various types of PR Visas for Australia, you can easily choose one on the basis of your specific circumstances, skills, education and needs and start planning for Australia Immigration. If you have any doubts or are still confused, consult an Australia immigration expert. He will not only help you to choose the right visa category but will make the entire process easy and smooth for you.

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