Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Cherry-pick Poland for Investment & Business

Poland for Investment & Business

The Republic of Poland loves migrants and it is one of those rare nations of Europe which does not have any issues whatsoever with bulk immigration to its territories. At a time when the European continent is rather worried with the integration of the outsiders to the societies and the labor market, the republic is still more concerned about the exodus of its own people. This makes it a really good place to move to.

Poland for Investment & Business
Poland for Investment & Business

Migrate to Poland

The overseas hotspot has numerous traveler and sport possibilities. The awesome diversity of landscape and natural wealth, along with the wide range of recreation forms–right from thrilling sea sports via lake yachting, mountain climbing, and skiing–draw travelers from throughout the globe. Leisure and entertaining tourist possibilities may effectively be completed with elements of Poland’s amazingly rich cultural legacy and past.

Poland for  Investment & Business

But the republic is much more: it’s also an astounding overseas destination for the object of investment and business. The nation’s pro-business and investment environment and strategic location make it a perfect overseas hotspot for the global businessmen and investors. But these are just a few of the reasons; there are a couple of more.

Let’s discuss them and the ones mentioned above point wise!

  1. Every year the investment environment for the overseas entrepreneurs in the country is becoming better. Every factor, along with the nation’s international safety and stability assured by the nation’s membership in the NATO and the EU, make it a fairly trustworthy and crucial business partner for the overseas investors and businessmen.
  2. The business atmosphere in the hotspot is becoming better. As per a World Bank report Doing Business 2013, the country was placed right at the top and was the global top improver during the year gone by. The same further improved the ease of doing business in the country via four institutional or regulatory improvements/amendments, making it rather easier to get property registered, shell-out taxes, administer contracts, and resolve bankruptcy.
  3. Plans are afoot to assign as much as EUR 105.8 billon of the EU funds to the nation from 2014 to 2020.
  4. The republic provides a vast number of attractive investment incentives. Investors can locate their ventures in the 14 Special Economic Zones (SEZ). These are the special zones where economic movement could be managed in satisfactory situations. The Polish SEZs provide good tax exemptions, employment motivations, and well-prepared investment lots.
  5. The GDP of the country is becoming three times faster, vis-à-vis the European average.
  6. The nation’s exports have swelled over an astonishing 20 times since 1995.
  7. As mentioned elsewhere, the republic has a rather strategic location, right in the centre of Europe, where the chief communication routs cross. It gives a gateway to the attractive and emerging markets of Eastern & Central European regions, and one can reach out to a staggering 500 million-plus customers. It also makes possible the export of goods to nearly every nation of Europe. Significantly, more than 300 flights run every week between Britain and the republic.
  8. Through the international economic catastrophe that hit the European region way back in 2008, only Poland evaded downturn. Actually, during the crisis, the nation managed to reinforce its position, not just in the Central and Eastern European region but also in the entire continent. Moreover, it managed to develop at the highest rate in Europe. The dream run continues.
  9. The student population of the country is enormous even while they account for as much as one-tenth of all European students. Roughly 50% of the nation’s youngsters go on to pursue higher education.
  10. Majority of Poland’s graduates may converse in three languages with one other, frequently in Polish & English.

Overseas lawyers, accountants and consultants are willingly up-for-grabs to assist the investors and businessmen from abroad. Highly read and well-educated Polish economists, IT experts, engineers, and scientists are exceedingly sought-after and appreciated workers who find employment in IT groups, R&D centres, and scientific establishments. Every year, the figure of the graduates of the different Polish universities head north, including the faculties highly beneficial in the high-tech businesses.

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