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UK Hits Non-EU Migration Tier 2 Visa Limit, Recruiters Must Plan In Advance to Shun Fight for Trained Manpower

As per some experts on the UK immigration, the recruiters/firms in the country would do well to chalk-out plans ahead, to circumvent a struggle for qualified employees from abroad, post it came to light that the nation had hit its upper limit on the Tier 2 Visas for the migrants from the non-EU countries, for […]

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Get Latest Immigration News, Immigrate to UK!

Europe: Vivid memories, beautiful environment and amicable people. Yes, these are few of the adjectives to define the beauty of Europe. This continent is not just close to the nature but also offers a lot of benefit to the workers like 6 hours of work, no work entertainment after 6 p.m., optimum paternity and maternity […]

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Planning To Move Overseas? Take A Look At UK Economy!

Whenever any individual plans for immigration, there are certain specific things that act as stimuli compelling the decision–opportunity, adversity and chance! For most, the chance is something very hard to access. In most cases, the opening can only happen when you are sponsored, and for that, one must have exceptional and in-demand talent. Talking of […]

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