Canadian IELTS Standards!

Reports say that according to new guidelines and regulations announced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), IELTS would be made more valuable for prospective applicants who are intending to work and reside in Canada. They would be required to show the proof of their language proficiency in accordance with the new approved test score for the applications made under Skilled Migration category. The changes are applicable for Federal Skilled Worker category and Canadian Experience Class.

According to Christine Nuttall, who is the Communication and Stakeholder Relations Director with Cambridge ESOL, IELTS is a great way for prospective applicants to prepare themselves for working and living in an English speaking nation. The test proves that the applicant has the caliber to hold conversations in a variety of circumstances.

He went on to say that they have been closely working and associated with various immigration authorities in countries like Canada and the UK, to name a few, and ensured that IELTS meet their requirements perfectly well.

As it is made clear by the CIC, the test takers are provided with the additional benefits as a lot of industries ask for the proof of language proficiency. Therefore, when these test takers go for ILETS, they are found one step ahead in gaining entry in the labor market of the nation.

Applicants intending to give IELTS to go through these links:

In addition, consult an Immigration expert for more info on the same.

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